Welcome to Park Elementary

School Nominations

  • Kindergarten: Mrs. Lambert nominated Ti Bailey for "working hard to complete work!"
  • 1st: Mrs. Baker nominated Hadleigh Jump for "doing an awesome job in art class every day!"
  • 2nd: Mrs. Freel nominated Levi Tucker for “giving up part of his recess to help other students with Chromebook issues."
  • 3rd: Mrs. Baker nominated Ben Case for “creating an awesome monster in art class today."
  • 4th: Mrs. Hackney nominated Elizabeth Winchester for "cleaning trash and food from the cafeteria floor."
  • 5th: Mrs. Baker and Carl nominated Zander Gillespie for "making sure the girls helping in the art room didn't miss their buses.” 
  • 6th: Mrs. Morgan nominated Fabienne Connors for "having a big improvement on Aleks.”
  • Staff: Mrs. Eastburn nominated Amanda Burkholder for “always staying calm and doing what needs to be done."

Park PTO

Our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) here at Park Elementary is an organization designed to provide resources and ideas to benefit our students. Be sure to connect with us and get involved in serving and enhancing our student body! 

We want to keep you updated on all of our PTO events. Check out our PTO newsletters posted here.

  • Newsletter coming soon!

A Message From Our Principal

Welcome to Park Elementary School! We have many new additions to our Park family for the 2017-2018 school year! We are grateful to welcome Mrs. Briana Hiatt, an MG grad, to our resource department, Miss Maria Friend to 6th grade, and Mrs. Emily Nixon will be joining our 1st grade friends! We will continue to develop our student leadership theme this year while exploring the 7 Healthy Habits to Happy Kids!

  1. Be Proactive—You’re in Charge
  2. Start with End in Mind—Have a Plan
  3. Put First Things First—Work First, Then Play
  4. Think Win Win—Everyone Can Win
  5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood—Listen Before You Talk
  6. Synergize—Together is Better
  7. Sharpen the Saw—Balance Feels Best

Our Eagle family will be hard at work again this year learning about service learning and our community. There are many opportunities for your child to get involved and help us #MakeADifference!

Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Emily Tracy Park Eagles, and view our monthly Park Video Newsletters! We feature the students and the many awesome activities going on each month along with Park news. You will also be able to view our video newsletters on all of our social media outlets, the MGUSC site, and of course, please subscribe!

If you ever have questions, concerns, or need anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Emily K. Tracy

Mrs. Emily K. Tracy
(765) 948.5232