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Park Elementary
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It is no secret that the involvement of parents in a child’s schooling is imperative to his/her success. To help you maintain an active role in your child’s education, we have created this “News” page, keeping you informed of the latest happenings at Park Elementary.


All adults who plan to volunteer in the classroom or at the school, or plan to attend field trips as chaperones, must complete a criminal background check. You may get this started by simply coming into the front office. We appreciate our volunteers so much and couldn’t get by without you!

Latchkey Program

Madison Grant has designed a quality, low-cost latchkey day-care program. We designed this program to provide child-care services to the child, the families, and the community in a safe, challenging, and nurturing environment. This program will remain here at Park as long as there is a sufficient interest by parents, and as long as space is available. Each child enrolled in the latchkey program must attend regular classes in a Madison Grant elementary school. There is a $15.00 registration fee per child to enroll in the day-care program. We will charge families $2.00 per hour (or any portion of an hour) per child. Families should pay all fees by Monday following the week of service. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact the latchkey director.

One-to-One Technology

Park Elementary has integrated a large amount of technology in the recent years. Each student in 2nd to 6th grade will receive a Chromebook the first week of school to utilize in their classrooms and for homework. Kindergarten and 1st-grade students will wait until we teach and reinforce all classroom procedures before receiving their Chromebook. We have Smart Boards in every classroom in addition to the devices. If you have questions about the devices or other technology-related questions, please contact the office.